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Fear Or Faith?

When fear enters your mind, flip the switch! Change the channel! Take a deep breath! Choose faith. Both fear and faith demand that you believe in something that you cannot see. Interesting, huh?

It is really hard to be in fear when you live in faith. Try it! I was in massive fear after my divorce, and I mean massive. I was scared of everything: fear of my financial situation, fear of being alone, fear of going outside my house! Yes, I was scared of everything because, after my divorce, I was forced into growth. I say “forced” because I did not choose growth. As a matter of fact, I was trying very hard to sabotage everything in my life after my divorce. I was bitter, angry, rageful, depressed.  I had absolutely no faith.

Fear Or Faith Deb's Den Official

Fear Is Like Quick Sand

I sat in those low-spiraling feelings way too long, in fact, for years. The more I sat in those feelings, the worse they got. Does this resonate with you? Are you so depressed that it feels like the sadness is just getting worse, no matter what you do?

I get it. Believe me, I get it. I was there, deep in fear and ugly resentment—not a great combo! So how do you get out of this sinking feeling where it just will not stop?

For me, it became a daily practice. I practice other things like working out, playing piano, and trying new cooking recipes. Each of these required doing something different—so I ask you, why not practice living in faith? When you are in fear, faith cannot exist, so it comes down to a simple choice: fear or faith?

Practice for one day living only in faith, just one day, and see if you notice any difference. One day of only faith and acceptance of where you are today! That practice might turn into another day and then another until your choice is automatic and you will feel a shift.

Have Faith: No Decisions For Twenty-Four Hours!

Most importantly, do not make any major decisions out of fear! Speaking from experience, most of the decisions I made out of fear did not turn out well. So I have a new practice and I use it for everything. When something comes up today, no matter how small or how big—any decision—I practice saying, “Let me sleep on it” or “Give me a day to think about it.”

Fear Or Faith Deb's Den Official

Fear Or Faith? The Daily Commitment

I know it sounds too simple, too easy, but I practice this every single day. Instead of saying yes or no, I sleep on it. I do this even with little decisions because practice and repetition is how we master a skill. When we live in faith, we know that everything will look different in the morning and nothing needs to be decided right this second!


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