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Private Matters

Private Matters, what we do in private that shapes us! For instance, we see Olympic athletes and Academy Award-winning actors at this pinnacle moment where they reach the highest level of accomplishment. To be the best and to win the gold. Have you ever wondered what these people have in common? It is private matters that get them to the finish line, the Academy Award, the gold medal.

They are not satisfied with just getting by; it is not part of their DNA or what they strive for in their ordinary routine. Winners do not negotiate with their goals; they just do not.

Olympic Mindset

I was married to an Olympic gold medal winner, and I know first-hand that he never missed a workout leading to the Olympics. He did more, trained more, worked harder, and that provided him with more momentum going into the Olympics.

Private Matters - Mitch Gaylord and Deborah Driggs

Have you seen the ad Michael Phelps did for the brand Under Armour? Search for “It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light.” I highly recommend watching it for total inspiration. Michael Phelps is the American swimmer who holds the record for the most Olympic medals won by any athlete and is the most successful and most decorated Olympian of all time with twenty-eight gold medals.

Yet, we do not see the blood, sweat, and tears, just the end result, the win!

Private Matters To-Do List

I wake up each day between 6:00 and 6:30 a.m. This is consistency and practice.

For example, my morning routine:

  1. Preparing by setting a daily intention, by pulling a card from a box of intentions.
  2. Meditating on an intention I need to work on.
  3. Practicing changing my thoughts and language throughout the day.
  4. Certainly, going to bed at a reasonable hour.
  5. Writing every day.
  6. Listening to something that will teach me new ideas for thirty minutes.
  7. Watching what I put in my body.
  8. Of course, sleeping on big decisions.
  9. Also, pausing and taking a deep breath.
  10. Most importantly, put a smile on my face of gratitude.

These are just examples of what I practice. It is practice, practice, practice.

You might be asking yourself, “How do you know that these routines will help you become a better person?”

Because I grew up figure skating. Therefore, I was on the ice at 5 a.m every morning. Additionally, on the weekends, I skated as well. For this reason, I had to get out of bed every morning at the crazy hour of 4 a.m.! Certainly, I had to remember to bring my school clothes, school bag, and all my skating gear. Above all, there was no time for complaining and no negotiating with my mom, who drove me there. Therefore, I did the work.

Let The Adventure Begin

Deb's Den Private Matters

In 1998, I decided to put my body to the test. Firstly, I started training six to seven hours a day (with three young kids). Preparing to compete in twelve-hour adventure races. For instance, my day started by kayaking. After that, I drop my kids off at school. Then continuing with, a 20-mile mountain bike or a 5-mile run! Finishing out my day with a stretch or yoga routine. Being totally prepared for a treacherous adventure race—with the goal in mind that adventure racing means never quitting. In other words, the goal is to finish the race.

Hitec Adventure Series Deborah Driggs

What we do in private matters very much. Focus on the areas in life that need improvement. In conclusion, keep yourself accountable, no one else will.

Deborah Driggs

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