June 13


What Is Drama?

Drama is the most overused word today, as in “This relationship is filled with drama,” “I do not want drama in my life,” “She is a drama queen,” and “I am tired of all the drama!” Sound familiar? What is drama and how do we remove drama? Just saying I do not want drama does not help me get rid of it. In fact, quite the opposite.

Drama is a label or description given to someone who acts in an extreme way with extreme emotions. It can also describe a situation of heightened feelings. But what if we were to get more aligned with what we want? If you truly do not want drama in your life, I would suggest taking that word out of your vocabulary. Just take it out, and guess what? No more drama!

Ha, I wish it were that simple, but it is a good start. Removing the use of that word is the first step to getting drama out of your energy space. Do not use that word and do not acknowledge it.

Since the universe cannot differentiate between what you mean by drama, be very specific in choosing what you do not want. What kind of drama? Here is an example “She is a Drama Queen!” Be specific. Is she a drama queen? Maybe she is confused, angry, or she doesn’t have enough tools in her toolbox to handle the situation.

Practice Not Perfection

If you believe in manifesting (and I do, so if you are reading my blog posts, maybe you do too), then take the first simple step is to remove drama and stop using the word drama. Practice describing what you do want instead of what you don’t want. Instead of saying, “I want a drama-free life,” ask for a peaceful environment, and then create it. The universe, energy source, or whatever you want to call it recognizes intent when you set your mind and vision to have that result. It is simple, right?

Maybe you state that you want a peaceful environment, but five minutes later, all hell breaks loose. So why not start with simple steps, questions, or ideas that can lead you down a peaceful path?

“Okay Debs,” you say. “I do not believe in this. How do you know this to be true? It’s just hocus pocus, yada, yada, yada.”

Language Is Everything.

I know what is going through your head because that is how I once felt. “You mean if I remove drama out of my vocabulary, there will be no drama?” No, but it is the first step to having more peace. You have to change your language first by saying what you do want to have instead of what you do not want to have in your life. Instead of assuming someone is a drama queen, why not find out what his or her fears are?

These simple steps are so important in making a lasting change. I used to blurt out my judgments of people all the time, but I have found that the more I expressed those kinds of negative labels and judgments, the more I held onto those types of ideas. For example, if I were to call someone a drama queen, I would attract just that—more drama queens! Whereas if I were to ask why this person was struggling, I might get something quite different just by being willing to ask.

Try it and you will begin this journey that I am on.


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