I have noticed these past few days that I have been sitting with yucky feelings. I could come up with many reasons why, but that doesn’t really matter. They are present and uncomfortable. 

Do You Get Yucky Feelings?

In these uncomfortable times, I want to do anything but sit in these feelings. I know I write about this quite often, but I think most people feel like this too. For me, I get uncomfortable and just want to isolate. I don’t want to talk to anyone, and I barely get through the tasks I have set out for the day. I had my 7:30 a.m. training session, but I barely got through that workout. My mind was somewhere else. 

Yucky Feelings

I could try and pinpoint it. But with all the work I have done on my journey, it is usually not about a specific person, place, or thing. I am just uncomfortable. So I simply sit in these not-so-fun feelings. 

Why Do We Feel Yucky?

I try very hard to remember my go-to move, which follows the twenty-four-hour rule. I don’t make any decisions for twenty-four hours when these feelings pop up. Of course, all I want to do right now is change everything! Instead, this morning I journaled, listened to the most inspirational book I have, and laid down in silence for thirty minutes, but I still have those anxious yucky feelings. Now what? I have a full day ahead, so I took a break to write this. I thought maybe if I put these feelings out there, a different perspective or answer could show up. Then after I write this I will go into a deep meditation, take a walk, and maybe take a hot bath or do some other self-care activity. I will keep it simple.  

Yucky Feelings Deb's Den

Getting to the root of the triggers is not always easy. It can be exhausting. I had a pink cloud of good feelings going there for a while. I felt elated, happy, and free. Then boom, the yucky feelings just hit. And when they hit, it is best to do nothing—nothing except take care of and love myself right now. 

Roses And Thorns

I want to ignore the fear and lies that are going on from that silly part of my brain that wants so desperately to take control right now. What might help me today is during my mediation to visualize the times when I felt like I could do anything. 

Sitting In My Yucky Feelings 

It is not all roses over here in Deb’s Den. I too struggle every once in a while with unexplained feelings. If I don’t take control, I start to tie these feelings to stories I tell myself, but that doesn’t do me any good. It just perpetuates those silly stories. So today I sit in the uncomfortable yucky feelings, and I do not have to do anything. They will pass—this is not my first rodeo. If you fall off the horse, you get back on! 

With the good, there is bad. With up, there is down. And, well, you get it! I am on the yucky feeling wave today, and I will just ride it out until the next pink cloud! 

Deborah Driggs

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