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Fifty-Two Weeks

Fifty-Two Weeks Fifty-two weeks! Wow, what a journey! Ladies and gents, thank you for coming along on this journey with me. I set out to write fifty-two blog posts. Later

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Trauma Work While I was doing trauma work, the counselor brought up two volunteers to give an example of how people will share “crumbs” from their lives. These crumbs come

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Practice-Being-Alone - Deborah Driggs

Practice Being Alone

Practice Being Alone For me, practicing being alone is probably the most important thing I do. Research shows that people who do not mind being alone are unafraid of being

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Willy_Wonka_Moment - Deborah Driggs

Willy Wonka Moment

Willy Wonka Moment One of my best memories as a kid was going to a double feature in Moses Lake, Washington, with my cousins to see Willy Wonka and the

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Deborah Driggs


From her start as a Playboy Centerfold and Covergirl to her life as a Screen Actors’ Guild member and later, achieving the Top 5% in her industry as a member of the Million Dollar Roundtable, Deborah Driggs has had to clear many hurdles in life. While it may seem like Deborah’s success came easy to her, nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, she has had to overcome a number of challenges in life to get to where she is today. What is true - and a part of her character - is her willingness to take risks, maintain a positive attitude, and never take ‘No’ for an answer.




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