Protecting that sacred space after a change, decision, or life-changing event.

Have you met a major goal to find yourself sliding back unexpectedly? Have you lost weight only to gain it back and are not sure what happened? Taken back a toxic ex? Just one drink turned into a trip off the wagon. Self-sabotage in other creative ways?

Or, have you learned to protect the space of self-improvement? Have you had to say goodbye to people to stay in alignment? What lessons have you learned about the importance of the people around you? When it came to it, how did you decide who and what had to go? How about when you figure out a new truth about yourself, and you are free to absolutely succeed, and get everything you want? Now What?

I found people who made progress, met goals, and maintained them have taken steps to protect this sacred space. They made the decision and said, Ok, Now What?

You have done it! You met the goal! Now What?

I set a boundary, and it's up to me to protect it, Now What?

Life happened differently than expected, NOW WHAT?

Protecting the Sacred Space After a Change, Decision, or Life-Changing Event