Having written over one hundred blog posts and having a specific category called “Self-Care”, I definitely have formulated my two cents in my writing. In all honesty, my favorite topic to write about is self-love. In reflecting back on my life experiences and challenges, I discovered a common theme in my life: a lack of self-love, self-esteem, and self-care. If the most powerful thing you can do in life is love yourself, and I believe it is, then I wanted to understand on a deep level just what that meant.

Self-love is acknowledging and accepting yourself for who you are, including your strengths and weaknesses. We are all unique; even identical twins are unique. We are all extraordinary and special in our own way. Comparing ourselves to others is usually where the struggle and negative self-talk starts. By the way, even jokingly saying “I am so stupid” or “I am depressed” tells the cells in our body and send our brain a message that we are stupid and depressed. Even if it is a joke, it is harmful.

Gratitude is always the key practice. I practice gratitude every day by finding surprises and unexpected moments and acknowledging they exist, like green lights and parking spaces. Remember, my reader, that self-love is a practice! If you have the mindset tha this is an ongoing practice and there is nothing to fix, you will understand and thrive in this new way of being.

“If there is a struggle, then there is a problem, and in that problem, there is a beautiful, simple solution for complicated souls” - Deborah Driggs