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Doesn’t it feel like everything is moving so fast lately? Maybe it is just me, but this rapid pace, driven by technology, feels difficult to keep up with. Every time I turn around, a new app is being introduced or a new update comes out and I have to relearn something again!

It can be challenging and tiring to keep up. At the end of the day, it is so important to keep it simple. Choose what is best for you.

I thought about this quite a bit when I was in the desert detoxing for 17 days. I kept catching my thoughts as they spiraled into the many tasks I needed to do. It was laughable, and I kept thinking, “Wow, here I am detoxing at my favorite spot in the desert, and I am making all these to-do lists.” I did not need to do anything! I started wondering why I was putting all those demands on myself, and I realized it was because I was watching too many TikTok and Instagram stories, which can make me feel like I am not doing enough!

I turned off all social media and chose to focus on myself and reevaluate the time I spend on things outside of myself. I chose me! No more trying to keep up with every beauty hack, cooking tip, and World War III preparedness idea. I was watching a lot of nonsense while I was detoxing, and I had free time in the evenings to see what was happening on all the apps. I concluded that while I was distracted by other people’s stories, I was not in the moment with myself. I was not choosing my own thoughts or ideas. It can happen that fast!

In my last blog, “Healing Journey“, I said I was going to spend some time finding as many ways as I could to heal my body from the inside out, as naturally and holistically as possible. One of the best ways is to remove myself from social media unless I am promoting something or answering followers’ messages. I do not need to surf or see what is out there. I saw enough while I was in the desert. It was not uplifting, to say the least. It felt like low-grade depression. Have you noticed this yourself?

I choose me. I choose healing. I choose all the things that bring joy! Social media, unfortunately, does not do that 90 percent of the time. (I do love the dog videos some great, uplifting people have created—they put a smile on my face!) The first step on my healing journey is no social media scrolling.

On my return from the desert, I noticed I was not pulled toward my phone as much. I had a beautiful ride home with my daughter, who picked me up. The time flew by. What normally is a long drive with periods of heavy traffic turned into a lovely conversation. I was gone for 17 days, so we had a lot of catching up to do. But something had shifted, and I also noticed we were not listening to music; we were just chatting.

Guess what. This is a huge part of healing—when you can be present with the ones you love with no distractions. I wrote a blog about the importance of putting phones away and giving people the gift of our presence. My daughter and I discussed meal prepping, juicing, marketing, eating out, and overall health. I explained that I was on a healing journey and that one of the things I was giving up for a year was eating out. I truly believe that my gut issues came from the convenience of Uber Eats. I would simply order lunch and not consider what ingredients the restaurants were using. I got lazy!

Now I will be eating only what I prepare. You see, I choose me! I choose a healthy gut. I choose healthy products. I choose quiet when I eat. I choose peaceful digestion. I have been home for a few days, and I have never felt better. Meal prep does not have to be difficult: I have been eating avocados and hard-boiled eggs when I am busy! Last night my daughter and I made a beautiful dinner with a lot of roasted veggies. Healing does not need to be overly difficult. Again, keep it simple.

I have already signed up for another detox healing in May that I cannot wait to share with you after I complete it. I will be posting about it on Instagram, so stay tuned for that.

Here are the 10 things I have made a must since I returned from my big detox:

  1. Avoid all social media scrolling
  2. Start my day with water and lemon
  3. Dry brush
  4. Jump on my rebounder
  5. Do 10 minutes of deep breathing
  6. Practice yoga or stretching
  7. Prepare my meals for the day
  8. Walk
  9. Spend 20 minutes outside in the sun
  10. Practice gratitude

As you can see, you do not need to spend a lot of money to get started. Just start. Choose you! Health is wealth, and mental health is gold. Choose you in every moment to feel better, to age better, and to live better.

Let’s do the healing journey together. Share with me one thing you will add to your routine. Healing is a practice, not a destination. Little adjustments are all you need to begin.

I look forward to this year ahead!

Deborah Driggs

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