Healing Journey

Do you ever feel distant from your true self? Does it make you tired and sometimes irritable?

When we are not aligned in our spirit we can spin out and make bad choices. We can go down a rabbit hole of emotional and physical pain. Our soul’s calling is incredibly important, and our intuition is constantly yelling to us for help. The worst part is we do not listen. In some cases we expect something outside ourselves to fix whatever’s wrong. Maybe shopping, food, sex, another relationship, alcohol, or traveling is a good distraction from self.

The hard truth is we are the only ones who can save ourselves. It’s brutal but true. We have to decide whether we want to learn and grow. In that moment of decision, everything can change. You have to decide that it is time to do what you are meant to do. It might be to get healthy and lose weight. It might be to remove relationships that bring dark energy into your life. That decision will bring you freedom. It took me years to make this decision. Even when I did, sometimes I would fall into patterns that were not serving me.

Healing is a continual journey, and there is no end point. You will not get to the finish line. It is a practice. When people are not in alignment, they suffer and have numerous physical ailments and sometimes undergo surgeries they do not need. Being out of alignment can cause chaos in our bodies, which can feel painful. Here is some good news: once you get on a healing journey, so much opens up to you. You might even say “How did I not know this?” I have said this many times myself. I started my healing journey in 2008, but it did not last long and I went right back to my old patterns. However, I knew I was out of alignment because I’d had a glimpse of what a healing journey looks like.

It was not until 2017 that I started truly seeking. I restarted my healing journey. I met some amazing healers and found places I had never experienced before. Once you know or are exposed to certain ideas and techniques, it is hard to ignore them. I will share some of my staples—do not worry!

Last year I was not feeling like myself. I was approaching 60 and getting sad and, yes, a bit depressed. I don’t know about you, but I can get very hard on myself around my birthday, and turning 60 felt huge! The stories that my mind was telling me were almost too much: “You have not done enough,” “You’re too old to do that,” “Who is going to want to date you at 60?” This shitty committee of voices was going strong, and guess what happened? I started having all sorts of physical problems. I saw every doctor, and all my tests were normal. No surprise.

Isn’t it funny when we know in our gut what is really going on but we seek answers from outside? I booked a 16-day stay at We Care Spa in the desert and decided to do what I know best: reconnect with myself and get a lot of healing mentally, physically, and spiritually. Do not misunderstand me: on my journey, I look for answers both inward and outward. I did all the medical tests and have decided to do a full body scan as well. I am following my gut with all the information I have so far.

Here is the beautiful gift: I am back in an environment with like-minded souls. I have gathered a huge amount of wellness information, and I am going to go on a healing journey. I am going to do and experience everything that has been recommended, and I’ve decided to take you along for the ride!

I am at We Care as I write this, but when I get back to Los Angeles, I will stay overnight at a place that was recommended by a friend who had a serious injury. It is called the Integrative Vitality Centre. I also found a place that has oxygen chambers, mainly to help patients after surgery, but others can book a session if they get a doctor’s note, so I will be going there as well. You might be thinking that this all sounds expensive. It is definitely not cheap, so I will not shop or travel while I am on this journey. I made a budget for my health. And as the saying goes, “Health is wealth.”

I will post stories on all my social media and let you know if these places are worth the cost. Join me to see what the outcome will be!

I said I would circle back to what I do now. I gave up coffee a while ago and switched to matcha. I begin my day by sipping water with lemon and lime. I take supplements. I do oil pulling for oral health. I jump on my rebounder. I read for 20 minutes. (I am currently reading Lighter by Yung Pueblo. I cannot recommend this book enough. It is exactly what I needed to read while I am here.) I dry brush my body to wake up my lymphatic system, and then I have a matcha. (I am going to change my routine when I get home and have my protein first and then my matcha!)

I am a big walker and love to be in nature. I came to a huge realization while here, and it has come up in many of my healing sessions: I am not meant to be in the city. I am a nature girl!

Recently my daughter told me about Brain.fm music, and I started playing this while I work in my office. It is so good! I wear an Oura ring and monitor my sleep. I like to get IVs no less than once a month to make sure I have all the necessary vitamins. These are a few of my go-tos. But the biggest change I have made this last year was taking electronics out of my bedroom. I moved the TV to my office and use it for Zoom meetings.

Sometimes little things can be more important than oxygen chambers and vitality centers. Making small shifts can begin a major change! It is definitely a balancing act. It comes down to the question of what you value the most, and for me it is taking care of my health, aging without surgeries, keeping toxins out of my environment, reading, and feeling peace. These are what I value the most! If I am on a healing journey, the people closest to me start feeling the shift and begin their own journey. I love being around people who have a high vibration. As someone who has suffered most of my life with borderline depression, I want to raise my own vibration and work on my emotional intelligence. I know the people around me appreciate the work I put in. Most importantly, I get the most happiness out of growing!

Is fear involved? Of course. We are shedding the old self, letting go of a lot of the past, and wasted energy, and moving into another dimension. So let’s do this together; it takes a village!

PS: I also love my infrared mat.

I would love to hear from you and what you have done to heal. Let the healing journey begin!

Deborah Driggs

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