To sit in silence is my go-to activity these days. It is wildly easy and requires nothing except to turn off my phone and computer. I also send a signal—for me, a bandana tied onto my door handle—to anyone who is in the house that I am in silence.

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Sit In Silence As Therapy 

Being in silence has been one of the best therapies for me. I just sit or lay in a quiet space for thirty minutes. It is different from taking a nap or meditating. I just do nothing and listen to whatever sounds are naturally there. Why do I do this? I have a difficult time stopping during the day to meditate. I prefer to meditate in the morning on an empty stomach and before I do anything, but during the day it is hard to go into a meditation once the day has started. If I need to take a break from whatever is going on, I sit in silence and do some conscious breathing. After being in the silence, I will then do a quick ten-minute meditation just to get recentered or I will listen to an audiobook. This break in my day is incredibly useful.

I have also been incorporating this practice into my walks. Instead of being on my phone, I will walk for at least the first fifteen to twenty minutes in total silence and just be aware of my surroundings. This is when the magic happens, the creative juices start to flow, the ideas are allowed in, and suddenly I cannot wait to get to my computer to write them all down. I’m enjoying all this silence so much that now when I drive, I do that in silence too. There is something so empowering about the quiet, the sounds of silence and the ease it brings into my life.

Sit In Silence As Detox

Once a year I visit We Care Spa in Palm Desert to completely detox. There is no food. It is a cleanse for the body, mind, and spirit. I usually go alone because I love the quiet time, and this oasis in the middle of the desert is the perfect spot for detoxing and rejuvenating.

Detoxing the mind and body is so important. We get flooded with information overload these days. Technology is moving faster than ever. Social media is growing rapidly. New apps are being introduced every five minutes. Who can keep up with all of it! Our minds need a break from all this information. For me, I have found that taking my devices away is a detox in itself. I catch myself looking at my device with no intention, and that’s usually my signal to go sit in silence. When I have gone completely numb while scrolling through social media, it’s time to put down my screen and walk away!

Sit in Silence

Scrolling Aimlessly 

Next time you feel out of sorts are scrolling aimlessly on social media, are walking in circles and finding it hard to get started, or do not feel good, stop, put everything down, and find a quiet place to sit in silence. This also takes the pressure off people who feel like they cannot meditate. I enjoy meditating, but I can understand when people say they do not have time or get distracted. Meditation is a practice for the mind, just like working out is a practice for our muscles, so I get it.

This practice keeps it simple. Just sit and be silent. Silence is full of answers. Listen carefully. Tune in to your own frequency. It is pretty amazing, and if it is not, change the channel!

“Listen to the Silence, it has so much to say.” —Rumi

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