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Gut Feeling

There is something inside each and every one of us—a gut feeling that steers us in any direction at any given moment. Sometimes that feeling is very precise, and we know exactly which way to go. At other times, it is almost impossible to make a decision. Then we doubt that choice for a long time afterward.

How many times have you said, “I should have listened to my gut”? That feeling for me used to be a bit scary. I felt my gut trying to help lead me, but I completely ignored that feeling.

Gut Feeling

Sometimes that feeling will show up for me as a stomach ache, a restless night’s sleep, or anxious feelings (which is why many people think they have anxiety). I now think those anxious feelings are signs, as are headaches; the list goes on of how these gut feelings show up. It is not easy trusting a gut feeling, but it is really helpful to at least be in tune with it.

Your Gut Feeling And Self-Doubt

Have you ever made a decision, and then a few weeks later it became the wrong decision, but your mind was saying, “I told you”? This is so important! Or how many times have you walked into a room and felt completely out of place or the energy was off, and your gut was screaming, “You need to get out!”?

Finally I am comfortable with listening to my gut. I was getting tired of doing something and then thinking, “I should have listened to my gut!”

Relationship Gut Feelings 

I dated the wrong person who I knew, from the start, was absolutely wrong for me and my energy, but I kept going, not listening to my gut. Of course, when I finally got out of the relationship, it was clear. My gut has been showing me my patterns and experiences, but my mind had some other fantasy it was playing out.

All the signs are there! The signs are inside of us. That’s why it is called a gut feeling. I connect with my gut now on a daily basis. I connect even if it is for five to ten minutes to shut up and listen to my body, what I am feeling, where the feelings are residing, and especially if I have a big decision to make. Then I wait and get quiet and let my gut lead the way.

Put It On Paper

My gut has been telling me for years to write a book and share my story. My mind says, “No, that is not realistic.” But when I get quiet, it all becomes very clear. As long as I am doing what I truly love and I share my experiences, my journey, and my growth, then I am on purpose. That feels very right in my body. When I am showing up to give and not to get, feeling the most aligned, I stay closer my gut feelings. I feel safer.

Gut Feeling

I would suggest getting very quiet. When you are in any type of doubtful situation or you are feeling anxious, just listen. The answers are there! Here is the most beautiful thing (especially in relationships): you will not be wasting anyone’s time or energy. You will be clear. The vision is clear. Let the old stories go. They happened, they are of no use now. Get quiet in the unknown, and let the new gut feelings flow!

Deborah Driggs

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